Our core business is to produce quality honey and establish effective bee keeping programs that will improve the quality and quantity of the bee-products that we get from our beekeepers.

Quality Control

At Nyuki hubs we prioritize quality control measures and safety throughout the entire production processes as we know that Honey quality is highly compromised by harvesting immature honey, bad extraction methods and contamination by extraneous materials thus low food safety.


We sell quality and fresh wax sheets that will bait your hives for quick colonization.

Beekeepers in many parts of the world depend on natural swarming to stock their hives.  At Nyukihubs, we have come to understand that timely positioning  of beehives is key to optimize their attractiveness to colonizing swarms.  With this in mind, we encourage use of natural fresh wax as baits that works perfectly fine.

Beekeeping Equipment

Why Choose NHL Beehives

We at Nyukihubs, we have discovered that key to commercial beekeeping is quality hives. Quality ensures comfortability of bees and long hive life.

Nyukihubs langstroth hive has the following distinct features that make it stand out and a favorite among bee farmers countrywide.

  • Self spacing frames for ease of bee movement movement as they work
  • Detachable bottom board for ease of cleaning the hive. Wax cappings are removed to disrupt environment for thriving of pests
  • Good quality and seasoned timber to increase durability esp when the hives are placed in outdoor apiary. The seasoned pinewood offering beekeepers a maximum of 15 years
  • Wax foundation to act as attractants and guide the comb laying
  • Locking profiles to ensure the two chambers are vertically aligned and that no space for entry of pests and also ease of inspection.
  • Good quality and bee friendly queen excluder.
  • Plastic queen excluder
  • Designed to provide natural environment conducive for bees hence high colonization rate and low abscond


At Nyukihubs, we offer trainings as well as harvesting services countrywide. Beekeeping plays a key role in the socio-economic development of rural livelihoods. NHL offers training to farmers who are interested in and are willing to embark on bee keeping.

In our various hub stations Nyukihubs has sets up training centers to train the farmers on modern methods of beekeeping so that in their decision making to scale up, they are well informed of the modern methods and profitable ways of beekeeping, that can deliver quality and quantity bee-products, that responds to the needs and priorities of a diversity of consumers across Africa’s agricultural value chains.